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1)  Labuan offers the businessman a place to focus his business through the use of Labuan companies as there are many advantages: -

The following are some of the advantages: -

  1. There is no exchange control restrictions;

  2. Time zone for Asian Market;

  3. Strategic location and proximity to several regional financial centres;

  4. Enjoys good communications facilities;

  5. Broad legislative base;

  6. Multi lingual work force;

  7. Liberal Immigration Policy for Insurance of work permits for expatriates employed by Labuan companies based in Labuan;

  8. Low operation costs.

2)  There is an English speaking work force and multi lingual work force. Recently, OECD passes judgement and it is noted that Labuan was classified in Group 2.

3)  There are new development in the Labuan Financial Industry to stimulate the fund industry, development of Islamic Money Market and the provision of a backroom services from Labuan to complement the nearby financial centres in Asia. A new Exchange, Labuan International Financial Exchange [LFX] was launched to facilitate the listing of funds and financial instruments. Soon LFX will be an International exchange complete with listing and trading capabilities.

4)  There is a renewed interest in Labuan International Business Financial Centre and a different perception of Labuan as just not only a centre for Brass plates offices but as a place where International Business can be conducted. The regulatory framework has also been comprehensively reviewed and enhanced with new products and services.

5)  Enhanced customer services: -

Labuan Financial Services Authority has introduced On-line Company registration scheme to promote efficient and paperless administration.


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