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  • Labuan is a free port and located on a 95 sq. km soaked island off the coast of Sabah on the north west side of Borneo. The location is in the centre of the ASEAN countries being 1,300 km from Singapore and within 1,550 km of all other ASEAN countries capitals. It is in the same time zone as Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Labuan has a population of approximately 95,000 inhabitants comprising mainly Chinese and indigenous Malays.

  • Labuan is accessible by air from Kuala Lumpur although currently there are no direct international flights but Labuan enjoys excellent communication links with all countries in the world.

  • Labuan can also be proud of being an international class teleport providing multimedia telecommunication facilities on par with other financial in the world. Labuan offshore community will become an integral part of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor. Other essential basic amenities, which are available, include a new nucleus hospital, an international school, three world-class hotels and 18 other budget hotels.


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